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Full Vagina Torture for Hogtied Redhead Slave

Here is another redhead slave girl who you will love watching get abused. The sexy submissive is Kaydence Katchings and she has experience with extreme BDSM pain. But how does this slave hold up against a full session of vagina torture? In the kinky video from Hogtied, the submissive redhead is strung up on a punishment pillar and gets a vibrator ground on her clit and is forced to cum repeatedly.

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Squirting Slave Pussies in Kinky Lesbian Bondage at Hogtied

In this session of kinky lesbian BDSM, the unbelievable happens: the mistress becomes a slave to her submissive’s pussy! The domina Felony starts out by putting sexy Cherries Jubalie in extreme bondage positions until her skin is raw from rope burns. The lesbian mistress gets turned on by her slave’s obedience and makes the girl lick her wet pussy in oral servitude. Then the domina ties herself up so they can torture their pussies together until they squirt.

Enter for hot breast and pussy bondage!

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Outdoors BDSM at Leather Retreat Camp

Join for kinky sex and extreme BDSM!

Some BDSM torture methods require toys and tools that can’t fit in an average dungeon. That is why submissive slave Sister Dee is taken out to kinky camp for this nasty video for Hogtied. The sexy slave is put into rope bondage with entire netting systems and is suspended from trees like a human swing. Her submissive pussy endures the worst of the BDSM abuse though the mental torture makes Sister Dee go crazy too!

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Ramming Roxy Raye

Roxy Raye loves it in the ass, and she gives anal orgasms in tight bondage. Roxy starts out in a strict, classic hogtie that only gets tougher. As the tie progresses, her thighs are tied wide apart so I can fuck her hot pussy with a dick on a stick and vibe her clit into uncontrollable orgasms.

Recipe Time: The Squirting Shocker: tie subject tightly into inescapable bondage, jam two in the pussy, two in the ass and fuck till copious amount of pussy juice is squirted all over the floor.

Watch Roxy Get Fucked Hard in the Ass!

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Tormenting Iona

ona Grace is a great bondage model who always pushes herself to the extreme. That is why I booked her for this HogTied live show and she does not dissapoint. There’s a list of requests from members in real time, then they go down thethe list one by one.

Starting with a crazy straight arm strappado tie as a warm up, she orgasms grom her pussy till her knees are buckling. Then, right into the next one: a pretzel tie that draws her feet behind her head and presents her pussy and ass for hard dildo fucking in her wet pussy, and brutal orgasm torment on her clit.

Next up: tight, vibrating crotch-rope and a cane to those huge, gorgeous tits while she is tied tight to the platform. We finish with an inverted crucifixion that pushes Grace to her limits.

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Lovely Luna Worked Over!


Luna is tied by her hands and feet, she gets naked and fuck the dick on a stick. Her clit is fucking huge. I immediately go to work on it with a vibe, teasing her up and down towards orgasm when I rip all those painful pins off at once, sending over the edge. Her cunt tied wide open and fucked with a big black dick.She cums over and over again in a vulnerable position just about finishes her off, but there is still more work to do.

Watch Lovely Luna Get Worked Over!

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Rocking Roxy


Roxy Rox is a beautiful newcomer to the ways of bondage and kink. Her first scene is one to remember by suspending her, gagging her, clipping her nipples and vibing her hot little twat till it spasms out a few intense orgasms while she hangs helplessly in the ropes.

When she’s tied her down on her back, her long, luscious legs are tied wide open. Mr. Blig Black Dick of Rubber pounds the fuck out her sweet, tight pussy, and I finish her off with a vibe and a few fingers to the g-spot for some super wet squirting orgasms.

At this point her pretty little head is spinning and and ramp things up with a Sybian. The vibrating box tight to her twat, bind her to the floor and let ‘er rip. As I slowly crank up the intensity of the vibrating machine, I start to add clothespins all over her pretty little tits. Once the thing is running on high, she is coming uncontrollable, unable to escape. No matter what she does she cannot get away from the evil machine. In the end, she is completely spent but very happy. HogTied delivers another beautiful girl fucked silly.

Watch Roxy Get Fucked Silly!

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Lusty Lexi


Lexi comes on set with her round pink butt, pressing her into a chair tie that forces her head back and ass out. Her pretty face distorts with panic when she realizes there is no escape from the vibrator or spanking hand. Her pink ass and pussy are a hot red when we are done.

Finally, she gets thrown her on her back in a frog tie that leaves her slutty holes exposed for a good reaming. Her body shakes and strains against the ropes as she begs to come over and over. Job well done Lexi LaRue.

Watch Lexi Cum

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Jade Indica Hogtied, Oiled and Butchered

For a babe that looks like the girl next door, Jade Indica is one tough slave! This submissive girl get her delicious body abused in kinky BDSM by a merciless master – and she enjoys it! Not only is Jade hogtied but she is also put into suspension bondage and endure pussy torture with a big vibrator. The master gets creative with the BDSM and bondage positions while delivering breast abuse, anal humiliation and forced orgasms.

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Hardcore Slave Takes Serious BDSM Abuse At Hogtied

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If you haven’t seen Lorelei Lee then you are missing out on one of the hottest submissive girls. This blonde slave can take the most intense BDSM abuse from sadistic masters. Being hogtied, gagged and spanked is just a warmup for the slave girl. The real kinky fun begins with nipple torture, creative restraints, blindfolds during suspension bondage, hooks up her ass and electro shock therapy. And that’s just the beginning of the BDSM video!

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